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CSMIO-IP-S Download


  CSMIO/IP-S User Manual (EN)

   CSMIO/IP Addition 1 - differential outputs (EN)

  CSMIO/IP-S Addition 2- precise Homing on INDEX (DELTA servodrives)

           CSMIO/IP Beilage - Differentialausgage (DE)




CSMIO/IP-S FIRMWARE v2.200 (2014-02-13)

zipDownload:  CSMIO/ 

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After updating from an earlier version than 1.07 you should verify and eventually configure directions of axes and homing in the "Config/Homing/Limits" menu.
In the same window you should also pay attention to the column "Home Off.". It did not matter in previous CSMIO-IP-S software versions, now the size that was entered causes  additional axis move while homing. If homing should take place at the same point as before, then in the "Home Off." column you should enter zero everywhere.
We apologize for any inconvenience, this changes were necessary to keep order in the software and to prepare for further extention.







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