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Kinco CD422 driver and CSMIO/IP-A

Driver enable, Fault reset, Ready (...) signals connection scheme of KINCO CD422 drive.

CSMIO/IP-S feat. simDrive AC Servo or ArbahDSP servo drive

We have already published the scheme showing CSMIO/IP-S and DELTA servo drive connection way. We prepared the scheme to show to users which signals they should use to run the servo drive.  

NEW! Español CSMIO/IP-S manual de usuario

El producto CSMIO/IP-S - controlador de seis ejes CNC - ha sido diseñado para un cliente profesional, que por un precio asequible quiera equipar su máquina de labrar, con un sistema de control...


Correct configuration of Mach3 software and plugin to control the VFD In order to fully control the VFD through the Mach3, both Mach3 and plugin must be configured in two stages:   

Macro for A Signal Tower

Working on a CNC machine we are not able keep watching the treatment process  for example because we have some other work to do or we use few machines at the same time.   


A sample sketch of control signals connection between CSMIO/IP-S motion controller and DELTA Servo Drive

M31 as an alternative to G31

As you all know Mach3 software has G31 function for probing. Using this function we can do precise tool length measurement or determine a location of an edge of our workpiece on a work table....

Digital and analog I/Os - configuration - it's easy!

Configuration of digital and analog inputs and outputs doesn't have to be that hard. In this article we present the sketches which we hope will be very useful in your work. 
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CSMIO/IP-S - 6 axis Ethernet Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) with connectors
PROMOTION! Professional Motion Controller for lower price.
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3 Axis Kit: Servo Drive & Motor 750W Set: simDrive™AC Servo 750W::325V + CSM Servo Motor AC 220V::750W
The set includes 5m power and encoder cables. To order please contact:
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Mach3 program


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