Serwonapęd DELTA Zestaw 0.4kW B2 1x230V 2000RPM >>> Medium Inertia [z hamulcem]

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The ASDA-B2 series sets are a universal solution for servo drive systems, combining precision and intuitive parameterization. Both impulse and DMCENT high-speed industrial network models are available. ASD-B2 servo drives are advanced devices with rich functionality and a reasonable price.

The set consists of:

  • Servo Driver B2 0.4kW 1x230V 160 000 pulses/rev. 
  • Servo Motor B2. 0.5 kW 2.39Nm 2000rpm 130mm. With brake
  • Power wire (with brake) 5m (3m, 10m, 15m available on request)
  • Encoder wire 5m (3m, 10m, 15m available on request)
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